Game-Changing New Management System

PVManager is the system for initiating, planning, executing, and controlling your projects from start to finish. PVManager has been designed to aid your project’s success through planning and delivery that is on time and on budget.

PVManager is cloud-based software that combines all the critical elements of project management, financial management and resource management into a single, easy-to-use, cloud-based system.

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Key Features

PVManager provides all features and tools that you require to manage any project to any scale.:

Cost Estimate

PVManager provides a platform that enables users to prepare and create various cost estimates which can be submitted to clients electronically or manually.

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Key documents can be uploaded, stored securely and communicated via this feature. All documents can be opened online and shared via a transmittal system.

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Claim & Invoicing

Users can create claims by entering progress percentages in the editable project breakdown which is then submitted to the client electronically for assessment.

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Monitor your project’s performance!

PVManager utilises powerful management techniques to enable you to manage your projects efficiently and effectively.

Users have access to graphical and numerical dashboard and reports that assist them to monitor and assess the progress of a project against important metrics in accordance with PMI/PMBOK standards, including:

  • S-curve Cashflow Forecast
  • Earned Value (EV) Analysis
  • Performance Indices
  • Profit & Loss status

Quality, WHS and Environmental Management System

PVManager enable users to manage the Quality, WHS and Environmental documents online.

  • Upload Your Internal MS Office Files (Word, Excel, etc)
  • Import, Edit and Fillout Your Documents Online
  • Access to Your Forms and Documents on Any Devices

Sign in App

PVManager provides a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that can be installed on any devices. The sign in app will revolutionise the way your organisation manages the staff, visitors and contractors on a single site or on multiple sites.

  • Facial Recognition Technology To Verify Your Employees
  • Daily Time Sheet Report
  • Auto-calculate Daily Personnel Cost

Accounting and Integration

PVManager has been designed to integrate seamlessly with well-known accounting software, including Xero and MYOB.

By managing the finances of a project via cost codes, the project account can integrate all the costs into the organisation’s accounting software.

Find out how your next project can benefit from the featured tools that will easily and efficiently manage your projects from start to finish.

  • Registered users will permanently own data at no extra cost.
  • PVManager can be adapted to manage large, complex projects.
  • Deliver your projects on time and within budget.

Subcontractor and client's portal

Many parties and teams are involved in managing and running a project from start to finish such as the client, superintendents, subcontractors, tradies, architects, etc. PVManager enables all of these parties to sign up and communicate with each other and to share data electronically.

Over time, each registered user will be building their own personalised database that will enable them to keep track of all their financial and project reporting data on a secure, cloud-based database.

Level up your business potential by accessing a flexible,

Construction Project Management Software in Australia

More Features...

Purchase Orders

Subcontractors and providers of goods and services can be engaged for each project through an electronic invitation that’s followed by an automatic Purchase Order.


All additional work to the contract can be managed through this portal. Any variations can be priced using the Cost Estimate tool along with other information. All approved variations can be added to the project’s progress claims.

Site Diary

A site diary has been set up in the app that enables all site supervisors to enter all relevant information from the site, including personnel, material and tool registers.

Meeting minutes

You can create meeting minutes while in the meeting by recording all the notes and action plans. Minutes can be shared between parties and users. Users who have been assigned to particular action points will be notified by email. Assigned users will be able to mark items as completed when they have completed the allocated work/action point.

Rate calculator

The app will, over time, build intelligence around Schedule of Rates (SOR) by storing historical project data. When generating estimates or quotations, all your project rates can be easily retrieved from the library, or generated from first principles, using the cost break-down tool.

Request For Information (RFI)

Project users can create Request For Information (RFI) forms, attach the required documents, and submit them electronically. Relevant parties will receive the electronic version where they will be able to provide their answers. The system ensures that all RFIs are responded to by using a notification system.

Send your Work Orders by email or text messages

The system enables the management team to track works by sending electronic work orders to other users.

The detail of the work can be sent as a link to assignee's inbox or mobile phone by text message.

Real-time messenger

All project's users and parties can communicate and discuss the project's matters through messaging system in real time.

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