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Haven’t you ever just wanted to find your ‘tribe’ on social media – a place that’s filled with content and people that share the same interests, are involved in the same industry, and understand your experiences?

PVNetwork is a unique social media network, catering for those who are interested or working in the building, engineering and construction industry.

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Get the latest industry updates

This is a platform for industry members to share the latest news and studies, and introduce new technologies in building and construction.

Post jobs, Request for quotation

PVNetwork provides a platform for those who are searching for tradies, builders and building services for their jobs or projects.

Browse jobs, Provide quotation

Tradespeople, builders and providers of goods and services will be able to browse for jobs and projects on PVNetwork.

Solve problems

If you encounter a problem on your project, you now have the option of sharing it on PVNetwork in order to seek help and advice from industry experts and experienced members.

Job notification

The registered businesses get email notifications when a job posted on the platform that is related to their specialty.

Advertise your business

Advertise your business and promote your products on PVNetwork which can be viewed by the building and construction community.

Looking for new projects and opportunities?


We will send a notification email directly to your inbox, when a job is posted that matches for your specialty/expertise.

  • Browse jobs and offer your services.
  • Communicate directly with no restrictions.
  • Gain access to management tools and software.

Join this social media platform today and connect with the movers and shakers in your circle.

Are you an Engineer, builder, tradie, student or real estate agent?

Create your PVNetwork profile today!

Start connecting with like-minded individuals within the construction industry. Find and grow your ideal audience, expose your business to the potential of collaborating on projects, access expert advice and guidance and potentially pool resources with other businesses.

Have you ever encountered a hurdle in your projects?

Stop Googling and searching for generic solutions online!

Project Vectors can save you time by offering you a platform which gives you direct access to a community of experts who are ready to help solve any issue.

Are you looking for a tradie or a builder?

You can post your project or search in the network to find the right contact. Upon posting a task, all businesses with the same specialty will be notified via email. This will then allow the service providers to either publicly or privately communicate with you through comments or private messenger. Experience unlimited quotations and contracts.

Are you a supplier or manufacturer?

You can advertise your products on PVNetwork, thereby potentially boosting your sales.