Project Vectors - 3 ways a Powerful Construction Project Management (CPM) App can boost your business

July 23, 2020

Construction Project Management software provides access to integrated and automated project information, an effective project management tool that enables project managers, suppliers, subcontractors and stakeholders to work collaboratively, whether they are all onsite or not.

CPM software, as an app, can offer additional benefits to the user that can also boost your construction business and promote your brand by maintaining a regular flow of up-to-date and relevant information that keeps stakeholders informed and project managers able to effectively oversee and manage the entire project without even being onsite:

1- Simplify Project Management:

On-the-go CPM software, accessible through a web application on any device, can make project management so much easier. Information can be instantly shared through the platform to multiple stakeholders. This collaborative communication promotes your business by instantly sharing valuable information – thereby building awareness of your brand.

2- Control Project Documents and Project Risks at the Same Time:

A powerful CPM software system allows project documents to be stored in a single location. This means that all contracts, work orders, supply deliveries, invoices and quotes are readily available. Not only is all project-relevant information securely stored in a single location, but it can also be accessed by all project stakeholders as required. This beneficial feature promotes open communication across the building disciplines on the project and also minimises potential risks by providing a project-wide overview of all resources.

3- Follow the Money:

Functional CPM software is both automated and integrated. Project information, including financials, are up-to-date, making it easier to manage and control costs, and measure expenditure and timelines against the project plan and overall budget. Time is money and delivery delays and unexpected events could have a serious impact on overall project costs. Being able to have an overview of both upcoming milestones and the budget promotes effective project management.

Construction companies now have access to powerful digital software that has been specifically designed to cover all construction project management needs. Talk to us at Project Vectors today about our PVManager, and find out how our end-to-end construction business solution software can boost your business.