Quora of the construction industry!

December 9, 2019
Quora of the construction industry

Haven’t you ever just wanted to find your ‘tribe’ on social media – a place that’s filled with content and people that share the same interests, are involved in the same industry, and understand your experiences?

Niche platforms can be a valuable resource for businesses as they capture a very specific audience that aligns with a very specific industry, your industry. They also present collaborative opportunities as visitors may be visiting for very different reasons, i.e. those looking for services, those offering services and those who can offer expert guidance and advice. This collaborative energy is made possible due to the very specific focus of the group, enabling people to find what they are looking for without having to sift through endless amounts of irrelevant material.

This industry-level collaboration can serve businesses well and offer a number of benefits, including being able to cut through the noise:

  • Tailor Your Content to Their Interests – within this niche platform, your business may be part of a sub-niche, a deeper level of connection that further separates you from your competitors and brings you closer to your ideal audience as you access a community within a community.
  • Know Your Neighbours – Niche social platforms are particularly beneficial for local businesses; you can find businesses and people within your own industry and within your own location. Being able to connect with businesses on a local level exposes your business to collaborative opportunities with the potential of pooling resources and creating joint opportunities by combining skills and expertise.
  • Connect with Industry experts – Industry experts are more likely to be found on the niche platforms. Why? Because that’s their ‘thing’. Placing your business in the presence of these industry experts can yield great benefits, including a gateway to expert industry advice and guidance.

Project Vectors understands the power of a collaborative industry effort and has created a unique social platform that aims to act like the Quora of the construction industry by attracting industry experts who will register an account to answer all your industry questions. PV Network aims to gather your tribe and bring them together on a single platform designed specifically for the construction industry. This is a niche social networking site that will reach a narrowly targeted audience to facilitate problem solving, knowledge-sharing and possible project and business collaborations.

PV Network is an online networking platform to promote the construction industry through B2B communication. Join this unique and niche construction community and access great benefits for you and your business.