Simplify your Project with Intelligent Software

December 16, 2019
Quora of the construction industry

The right project management software can ensure the success of your construction or remodel project by achieving a smooth interface between project managers and trade contractors.

Project management, integral to the success of any project, is a discipline that can be enhanced by using a management system designed specifically around the needs and milestones of any build project. The project manager will be better able to monitor budgets and manage manpower through effective communication across the various build disciplines. The use of project management software is a particularly lucrative way of promoting project efficiency by having oversight of progress, tracking development, monitoring timelines and budget, and flagging up any potential snags for early intervention and the implementation of contingencies.

The success of any project will depend on a number of factors, the main ones being cost and time, efficiency, and effective communication, each having a direct impact on the others. Here are the top benefits of project management software that can easily and effectively monitor these three prongs:

  • Cost and time: The right software will give oversight of the entire project, enabling the project manager to regularly review the budget vs progress, track current spend against remaining expenditure, and monitor the project’s overall progress against the spend.
  • Efficiency: Project management software will enable the project manager to keep track of the overall project, including incorporated individual tasks – a simple way of ensuring that tasks are completed on time and on budget and that the correct tradesmen are on task, as needed, thereby improving the efficiency of the workforce and avoiding unnecessary delays.
  • Communication: Communication is crucial to any project, and software that provides the project manager with status updates, regardless of whether he’s onsite or not, makes for effective communication between the trades and the project manager that can help to avoid delays. The software will also enable the project manager to provide regular and timely feedback and updates to client/stakeholders which can go a long way to building strong client relationships.

PV APP is a flexible management system that combines all the elements of project management, financial management and resource management into a single, easy-to-use app. PVAPP provides the necessary process and tools to bring about beneficial change and added value to your organisation and your next project.