Cost Estimate

Estimate your project's costs

Cost Estimate is a powerful easy-to-use feature that enables you to create different cost estimates, including quotations, variations, budget estimates and sales. These cost estimates can be submitted electronically and will form part of a project in the future.

Flexible Bill of Quantity

Every cost estimate includes a Bill of Quantity (BOQ) with 3 levels of input to build up your cost estimate.You create your BOQ by adding a custom header and choosing a trade package from a pick list. You also can create your own trade package which will be stored for the future reference in the future cost estimates. Once the header and trade package are created, you can simply add your work items one by one. The work items can be added manually by providing unit, rate and quantity or they can be imported from the system library.

Smart rate calculator

PVManager provides a unique rate calculator for you to build your own rates by breaking them down into their labour and resource components.

Tender your trade packages

PVManager offers an easy and quick Request for Quotation (RFQ) interface to tender your trade packages. You can simply create an RFQ portal, import the required trade packages, attach supporting documents and create the contact list of nominated sub-contractors manually or by importing from your company’s contact library.

Add sub-contractors'prices to your cost estimate

Upon sending the RFQ, all nominated Sub Contractors will receive an RFQ email which will allow them to sign up and open the RFQ portal including all information. Sub-contractors are able to create their own cost estimate and respond. All submitted prices will be captured on the RFQ portal electronically for you to review and assess. You can add the approved price to BOQ with or without mark-up.

Review and Submit

On the submission page, you can add a system generated template for submission. You can add the template as many times as required to amend the cost estimate. This means that every time you change the Bill of Quantity or RFQ you can create a new template while tracking all previous revisions. The submission page also provides a text box for you to add your notes, terms and conditions, and other qualifications. You can finally submit the cost estimate which will be issued to client via email. Client can open the cost estimate online, approve or reject it.