Cloud-based File Hosting

PVManager has been designed as an effective cloud-based project management platform where all key documents associated with your project are stored, managed and available for distribution to other parties and project members.

Secure page for your contract

Secure page between the client and contractor has been set up for quick access to reference the contract document.

Manage your folders and files

My Documents is the page that you can simply create document sets (folders) and upload your files and documents. These folders are available online and easily accessible. Your documents can be opened for review and reference, anywhere and at any time.

Share files with all parties

All the key documents can be shared amongst users, clients, subcontractors and engineers through the transmittal system. You can easily create a transmittal, add your documents and notes and send it to others.

Manage your transmittals

A transmittal email will be received by the intended recipient, with the relevant documents attached. The actual transmittal will appear automatically in the ‘Shared Documents’ page on recipient's portal.