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PVAPP is the system of initiating, planning, executing, controlling your projects start to finish to meet the project’s success in planning and delivery on time and on budget. PVAPP provides the necessary process and tools to bring about beneficial change and added value to your organisation.


PV APP generates a high-level program of work based on the project’s break down defined in the cost estimate. The Project Manager can determine start/finish dates and task duration. The App provides a visual of the program in a form of Gantt chart. The Project Manager can follow up and update the program by updating the progress percentage. The program is easily editable and readily available to be disseminated to team members.

An electronic version of General Condition of Contract is available on the App for the client and contractors to review, edit and sign. This electronic version will be saved and secured during the project’s life cycle for the reference.

At the completion of the project all defects are photographed, with details captured and uploaded onto the system. The system generates an electronic defects report which can be sent electronically to the contractors nominated to respond. Once all defects are closed off, and the program has reached its end point milestone then the system is able to generate various electronic reports including; final cost report and practical completion certificate.

The App provides a visual management dashboard report that highlights the financial and time-based metrics of the projects. It provides real time data including; income and expenditure, projected cash flows, progress claim balances including paid to date and pending for all sub-contractors, and suppliers of goods and services.

A site diary has been set up in the APP to enable all site-based workers to enter all relevant information from the site including personnel, material and tools registers. This data is then used to track all subcontractors, and labour on site. All Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE) daily forms and documents can be provided and tracked via the App.

Users can upload the projects dilapidations’ photos on the system. The App will generate an electronic dilapidation report which can be shared to all relevant parties and saved for the future reference.

Every project generates an enormous number of documents. Key documents including drawings and specifications, tender and contract documentation are all stored and communicated via this feature. Each key document is tracked via a transmittal notification system. All documents are easily transferable between all parties on the App and stored securely, with the information being disseminated to each user depending on the status of each user’s delegation.

Project’s users can create request for information forms and attach required documents and submit them electronically. Relevant parties will receive the electronic version where they will be able to provide their answer. Email notification system will keep notifying the relevant parties until all RFIs get answered.

Each project will be able to track all Extensions of Time (EOT) and issue any Notice of Delay (NOD). The approved time will be added to the total contract duration.

On QSE page, each Project Manager can setup the Quality, Safety and Environmental management plans and forms by uploading the pre-designed forms and documents, fill them out electronically and share them with the site teams for implementation.

Project Managers can create and generate electronic work orders including; the task, time and relevant information, which is all escalated to the relevant user to action. Taskers will be notified by SMS and email to action the work order. Project managers are then notified when work order has been completed, with all the information stored within the App.


PVAPP will manage your project’s finances from the start and track progress through to final completion.


The App provides a platform for users to create various cost estimates, including Bill of Quantity (BOQ) break down using new or saved schedule of rates. Final cost estimate summaries are issued to potential clients in the form of a Quotation, sent electronically to the client and tracked via email notification. The client has the ability to approve or reject the cost estimate.

All additional work to the contract is managed via this portal. All variations can be priced using the estimation feature along with other information. This is then submitted electronically to the client for approval. All approved variations are automatically added to the last progress claim template.

Users can create claims by entering the progress percentages in the editable project breakdown which is then submitted electronically to the client for approval. As part of the approvals process, the client receives the same prepared table, where it is assessed by either agreeing or revise the percentages (if required) and ultimately approve the claim with only a click. This manages the project governance around financial approvals while tracking and reporting on all the approved transactions.

Each cost estimate packages generated can be sent electronically to subcontractors or providers of goods and services via the Request for Quotation (RFQ) platform for pricing. Each recipient will receive the RFQ notification which enable requiring them to sign up to the APP to be able to manage and respond to the RFQ. The prices will appear immediately after submission on the estimate platform to be assessed for approval.

Project Managers can setup a cashflow to keep track of the transaction progress. System generates a default cash flow S-curve graphic and table-based application on the project’s budget including the duration which can be edited to suit the managers requirement. PV APP is an intelligent system, that will provide a three-month forecast /snapshot by tracking all submitted progress claims and received invoices due dates.

The App has been designed for seamless integration into well know accounting software, such as Xero, Quicken and MYob. By managing project via cost codes, including payroll, the project account can upload all the cost codes into the organisation’s accounting software.


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PVAPP will streamline all your business paperwork by providing user friendly templates set out in an easy to follow process.


The site records of all personnel can be captured on site diary every day. Time in/out of each personnel get recorded which is readily available to translate into financial information for in-house labour cost.

You can set up a meeting with all attendees via a pre-defined electronic Agenda form. The App manages all notifications with all the attendees including the meeting request and issuing of minutes.

Enables the main account holder to set up the organisation’s project-based structure. This includes storing all account’s users contract details and roles and responsibilities. It also contains all the account holder’s sensitive data for each project.

Account holders can control all their fleet of vehicles, trucks and plan by keep track of all registration, insurances and inspections. The App will notify the account holder prior to registration renewal. Fleet location and operators can be captured and updated by the administration portal.

Every project will have a unique messaging system in the form of an online messenger, enabling all parties, subcontractors, clients to communicate, send/receive message and discuss project’s issues and progress. This greatly eliminates the need and use for emailing. All messes are kept and stored on the App.

The App over time will build intelligence around Schedule of Rates (SOR), by storing historical project data. When generating your estimates or Quotations, all your project rates can be easily retrieved from the library or generated from first principals using the cost break down tool.

Subcontractors and providers of goods and services can be engaged for each project by an electronic invitation along with a Purchase Order which includes terms and conditions for procuring the goods or service. There is a PO template that is generated by the App, which is then edited to suit each application.

All subcontractors, providers of goods and services and the client can be invited to each project which will enable them to communicate with each other, transfer data electronically. Over time each registered user will be building their own personalised data base to ultimately keep track of all their financial data and adopted projects on a secured cloud database.


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Premium subscription is calculated based on sum of all active projects.
For example, if sum of all your projects is $1 million, the subscription plan will be $130 per month.