Why PVManager?

Taking management of construction projects to the next level

New Cloud-Based Management System

PVManager includes the required processes and necessary tools to bring about beneficial changes to your organisation.

Control Projects' Income & Expenses

PVManager will manage your project’s finances from the start and track progress through to final completion.

Streamline All Your Documents

PVManager contains a range of user-friendly, electronic templates of standard industry documents.

Connect All Parties On One Platform

You can set up teams, add users and communicate with all parties involved in projects through a real-time system.

Discover the Power of Construction Project Management Features in PVManager.

Efficiency at its Finest

Unlock the full potential of your construction projects with our project management software. Say goodbye to complex and time-consuming management processes, and hello to a centralized platform that streamlines all your business processes.

  • Sub-contractor Portal
  • Site Diary
  • Work Orders
  • Meeting Minutes
  • RFI
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Advanced Construction Project Financial Management Processes.

Building Financial Success

PVManager provides real-time visibility into expenses and budget status, tracks and manages project costs, identifies potential cost overruns, automates financial processes and increases efficiency, resulting in better financial control, improved cash flow and higher profitability.

  • Progress Claim
  • Variation
  • Cost Coding
  • Accounting
  • Xero Integration
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Find out how your next project can benefit from the featured tools that will easily and efficiently manage your projects from start to finish.

  • Registered users will permanently own data at no extra cost.
  • PVManager can be adapted to manage large, complex projects.
  • Deliver your projects on time and within budget.

Leveraging Reporting and Visualisation for Your Construction Project Success.

Measuring Project Success with Monitoring Reports and Dashboards

Financial reports and dashboards are like the GPS of construction projects - they provide a clear and concise roadmap to success. With real-time data on the financial health of the project. Project managers can identify potential roadblocks before they happen and make informed decisions to keep the project on track and within budget.

  • Final Forecast Costs
  • Earned Value Management
  • Cashflow
  • Profit & Loss
  • Real-time Dashboard
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Master Construction Resource Management with Our Advanced Resource Management Software.

Empowering Resource Control: Construction Resource Management Software

PVManager enables users to efficiently plan, schedule and allocate resources such as labor, plant, and equipment, and monitor their utilisation in real-time, giving them complete control and visibility over the resources needed to complete their construction projects successfully.

  • Human Resource
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Timesheet
  • Sign in App
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Advanced Document Control Solutions for Construction Industry.

Streamline Your Construction Document Management

Effortlessly Manage Construction Documents Digitally: Streamline Communication, Coordination, Productivity, Version Control and Compliance with our Advanced Document Control Software.

  • File Hosting Service
  • Digital Induction
  • QSE Documents
  • Site Report
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We thank all our amazing customers for their kind words!
Let's see what others say about PVManager!

PVManager is a great system to use when submitting progress claims and tracking the costs to date on the project. It is ideal for identifying claims approved and still awaiting approval. It’s also very clear what variations have been submitted against the project and what has been claimed and approved. Overall, I would recommend this system for all projects I am involved with and it really does assist with tracking the performance of a project.

Sarah Livesey

Team Lead Commercial at Caledonia Group

PVManager has been a great tool to facilitate the communication of documents during the coordination process. The interface is easy to follow and allows users to locate the latest revision of each file in a quick and efficient way. Contract administration is also made simple and clear. Having all the information in one place allows for easy reference and transparency when it comes to submitting and approving progress claims and variations.

Kate Pereira

Studio Operations Manager at Studio Johnston

We have been using PVManager in a recent project in NSW. Our contract of engagement was issued to us with PVManager as well as our progressive payments are submitted to the same platform for assessment. Furthermore, all meetings are summarised in PVM. Based on my experience working with different similar programs, I find PVManager a powerful tool for project and contract management.

Shahab Rad

Managing Director at Smart Structure Australia

PV Manager is a perfect tool to manage project documents, resources, finance, and stakeholders. Communication and tracking the sub contractors are now easier. PVManager streamlines the whole management process which minimises the risk and provides efficiency and profitability.

Rick Timperi

Managing Director at Stone Mason & Artist

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