Project Management

Manage your projects smoothly and predictably. Project Vectors connects your teams with relevant project information and bespoke project management solutions that can save time and money, mitigate risk, and manage and control project budgets and bottom lines.

Development Management

Project Vectors delivers impartial, practical advice to maximise investment returns and increase profits. As an extension of the client team, development management is tailored to enhance the value of a project, identify optimal strategies, and continually evaluate the operational and financial viability that can unlock additional value in assets and land.


The superintendent is an impartial addition whose roles include processing tenders, preparing and maintaining contracts, facilitating change control and issuing variations, co-ordinating and instructing onsite trades and contractors, and chairing progress meetings.

Cost management

Our cost estimators control costs and manage the budget to maximise the profitibility, oversees financial impacts and viability, the total project delivery capability, as well as other services like negotiating price, account closure services and advice on cost forecast.

Planning & Scheduling

Our management team provide program and time schedule, track all jobs, ensure the projects are progressing as planned, and control project's costs, time and resources.


Get your project off to a solid start by streamlining your tendering process – PVManager makes it easy to create, manage, collect and track tender invitations and submissions on a cloud-based digital platform. Seamlessly distribute relevant tender documents, including contracts, plans, and specifications to reduce turnaround times.

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