% Progress Claims %

Track your claims

PVManager will manage your project’s finances from the start of the project through to final completion and track the progress claims throughout.

Simplified automated claims

PVManager generates seamless and well-structured progress claims based on the project’s cost break down/BOQ. Users can enter the progress percentage each time as their claim to date, attach supporting documents, set up banking details, payment terms, and retention terms, and then submit it to the client electronically or print the template for manual submission.

Electronic claim template

The client will receive a progress claim and its template electronically from where they can assess the claim, enter their percentage approval and submit their response.

Auto-generated tax invoices

Once a progress claim has been approved, a tax invoice will be generated automatically by the system to enable the client to proceed with the payment.

Track payments, record remittance advices

After a payment has been received, a remittance advice will be created automatically by system for the contractor’s records.

View as client

PVManager is designed to manage all processes independently in the event a client cannot be available.

In some cases, it is impossible to get some clients to sign up to the app (e.g. government project).

Users can change the app's interface to client-view for each submission which will enable them to apply an assessment themselves. This ensures that the system can still manage all the processes in the absence of the client.